Logistics/transportation procurement Jobs at The Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI) and Oxfam Novib

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Deadline of this Job: 10 August 2022
Reporting to the Director General, the Procurement Consultant is responsible for developing, delivering and administration of training, research and consultancy programmes, specifically:
1. Initiating, designing and developing content (curricula) for courses in the areas of procurement and supply chain management;
2. Organizing sessions and course delivery
3. Conducting research and knowledge generation;
Contributing to Institute revenue by conducting consultancies and offering advisory services:
5. Contributing to the promotion of professional activities aimed at marketing the services of the Institute and promotion of favorable corporate imagine; and
6. Writing proposals for consulting and implementing the assignments;

Qualifications and Experience

• Master's Degree in relevant field:
• Must be a member of a professional body;
• At least five (5 years) years relevant in management consulting and/or teaching management training experience in a University or management training Institution; and
• Practical managerial experience.

Procurement Consultant Competences and Skills
• Demonstrated ability and drive for excellence in procurement processes;
• Proven track record in developing and implementing procurement training programmes and consulting assignments;
• Proven application of negotiation skills with ability to leverage interpersonal skills to establish rapport with stakeholders for relationship management; ,
• Strong analytical and thinking skills:
• Broad understanding of financial management principles and other quantitative information for viable decision making on the procurement processes;
• Demonstrated knowledge of other multilateral organizations' procurement guidelines such as World Bank, AfDB and other Multilateral Development Banks (MDB):
• Strategic procurement management skills for organization's value creation and e-procurement management for cost optimization;
• Proven practical experience in supply chain and contract management;
• Demonstrated knowledge of project management skills in initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the training programme and consulting assignment;
• Mastery of relevant procurement related digital solutions, software and programmes
• Proven practical experience in a minimum of one technical sector;
• Ability to teach in academic setting through blended methodology i.e. physical and virtual platforms; and
• Ability to maintain professional standards and keep abreast of evolving trends in management education through continuing professional educational management programmes.

Deadline of this Job: 17 August 2022
Senior Driver – Arua
Internal Job Grade – National, F1
Contract type – Fixed Term
Reporting to – Finance Officer Arua
Job Purpose:
The primary responsibility of this position is to provide driving services to Oxfam project based activities in different locations including the different campus base

Job Responsibilities
• Drives project Oxfam staff, visitors or other authorized persons to and from various points while observing and adhering to the standard safety precautions.
• Maintains proper vehicle mileage and usage records as per requirements.
• Conducts daily vehicle maintenance checks to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition including the general cleanliness to uphold the image of the organization.
• Delivers and collects mails and other documents to and from various offices required.
• Maintains punctuality and courtesy and adheres to traffic laws and regulations.
• Maintains confidentially of Oxfam information at all times while executing duties.
• Collect documentation such as logbooks and invoices presented by hired vehicle drivers and present them to finance for review and onward movement to the Area manager
• Oversees day to day movements of all vehicles attached to the operations in West Nile.
• Keeps and maintains proper documentation of all vehicles such as insurance, registration documents, travel requests, vehicle log book, waiver forms by all non-Oxfam passengers.
• Correctly file signed waybills whenever goods are transported and delivered
• Carry out basic logistics activities such as small value local purchases, receipt and issuance of items from the store working closely with the Office Assistant.
• Collecting and preparing payment requests of all utility bills of the office
• Supervise the activities of security guards and report to the Finance officer Arua
• Assess and report any fixtures required in and around the office
• Report any technical failure or damage that requires maintenance to the Finance officer and Logistics coordinator in a timely manner
• Keeps track of the scheduled service time of the vehicle, in order to make sure that servicing is performed in time.
• Vehicle testing and recommendation of repairs to the Logistics coordinator and the Finance officer
• Eager and required to adhere to Oxfam’s principles and values (click here) as well as the promotion of gender justice and women’s rights (click here).
• Understanding of and commitment to adhere to equity, diversity, gender, child safety and staff health and wellbeing principles.

Job Requirements
• Valid driving licence,DL, preferably, sound driving skills and experience of 3 years preferably in an NGO environment. ; A defensive driving certificate is an added advantage
• Sufficient spoken English and local languages (Lugbara, Kakwa,Swahili, Arabic) is an added advantage.
• Previous exposure to procurement and warehousing roles

Key Attributes:
• Basic vehicle servicing and maintenance skills.
• Basic record keeping skills
• Flexibility and willingness to work long hours.
• Attention to detail.
• Ability to organise and prioritise work.
• Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to cultural differences and gender issues, as well as the commitment to equal opportunities.
• Ability to demonstrate an openness and willingness to learn about the application of gender/gender mainstreaming, women’s rights, and diversity for all aspects of development work.
• Commitment to Oxfam’s safeguarding policies to ensure all people who come into contact with Oxfam are as safe as possible.
Organisational Values:
• Accountability – Our purpose-driven, results-focused approach means we take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable. We believe that others should also be held accountable for their actions.
• Empowerment – Our approach means that everyone involved with Oxfam, from our staff and supporters to people living in poverty, should feel they can make change happen.
• Inclusiveness – We are open to everyone and embrace diversity. We believe everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of visible and invisible differences.
Key Behavioral Competencies (based on Oxfam’s Leadership Model)

Relationship Building: We understand the importance of building relationship, within and outside the organization. We have the ability to engage with traditional and non-traditional stakeholders in ways that lead to increased impact for the organization.
Listening: We are good listeners who can see where deeper levels of thoughts and tacit assumptions differ. Our messages to others are clear and consider different preferences.
Mutual Accountability: We can explain our decisions and how we have taken them based on our organizational values. We are ready to be held to account for what we do and how we behave, as we are also holding others to account in a consistent manner.
Self-Awareness We are able to develop a high degree of self-awareness around our own strengths and weaknesses and our impact on others. Our self-awareness enables us to moderate and self-regulate our behaviors to control and channel our impulses for good purposes.
We all work to effectively empower and enable others to deliver the organizations goals through creating conditions of success. We passionately invest in others by developing their careers, not only their skills for the job. We provide freedom; demonstrate belief and trust provide appropriate support.
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