Looking for Reliable and Monitored House Maids in Uganda?

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Lafab Solutions – Your Trusted Partner in Home Housekeeping

Are you in search of dependable and trustworthy housemaids? Look no further than Lafab Solutions. We provide professional maid services directly to your doorstep, offering experienced and carefully vetted house maids to make your home management effortless.

Why Choose Lafab Solutions?
• Professional and Trained House Maids: Our maids undergo rigorous training to handle all household tasks efficiently, including childcare, food preparation, elderly care, and laundry.
• Seamless Replacement: In the event of unforeseen circumstances or disciplinary issues with a maid, we swiftly provide replacements, ensuring uninterrupted service.
• Affordable Rates: Despite our comprehensive training and meticulous vetting process, our pricing remains fair and competitive.
• Safety First: We prioritize the safety and security of your home by conducting thorough background checks and continuous monitoring of all maids.
• Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive well-trained house maids tailored to your specific household needs.

Choose from the following packages:

Silver Maids (UGX 150,000)
• Little to no prior experience but trained by our experts in essential household tasks.
• Personality evaluation and background check included.

Platinum Maids (UGX 200,000)
• Includes all Silver Maids benefits, plus at least 6 months of experience, police clearance, and medical checkup.
• English proficiency and reference checks from previous households.

Golden Maids (UGX 260,000)
• All Platinum Maids benefits, with at least 1 year of experience managed by Lafab Solutions.
• High personal hygiene standards and proficiency in preparing special international dishes.

Diamond Maids (UGX 320,000)
• Offers all Platinum Maids perks, with a minimum of 2 years of Lafab Solutions-managed experience.
• Specialized skills in multi-cultural sensitivity, caring for the sick and elderly, and operating specialized tools and equipment.

Lift the burden of finding and managing House Maids off your shoulders:
Let us make your life easier with our dedicated and courteous maids committed to excellence. Whether it’s caring for babies, babysitting, tending to the sick or elderly, preparing special dishes, or maintaining a clean home, we’ve got you covered.

Contact Us Today!
Ready for a cleaner, more comfortable home? Contact Lafab Solutions via WhatsApp or phone at 0773966860 or 0753298980. Join our satisfied clients who have transformed their household management with our professional services. Don’t wait—reach out today and experience the luxury of professional housekeeping at your fingertips!

Provide important information using the form below to speed up the process: https://www.lafabsolution.com/job-application/1366-maid-request-form

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