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Deadline of this Job: 12 August 2022
Purpose of the Job
To assist the Vice Chancellor in overseeing the finances and administration of the University and coordinate the planning and development of the University.
Deadline of this Job: 12 August 2022
Soroti University is a Public University in Uganda established by Statutory Instrument No 34 of July 2015 and governed under the University and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 (as amended). It is located 7kms along SorotiMoroto Road in Eastern Division of Soroti City, Eastern Uganda. Soroti University is one of the 9th Public University in Uganda and currently offers science based University education. The University with its niche in renewable energy is contributing to the University’s strategic plan in transforming fossil fuels to renewable energy through renewable energy technologies". To achieve its strategic objectives, Soroti University wishes to fill the positions of University Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration);