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Deadline of this Job: 22 July 2022

Reporting to the Clinical Services Lead, the purpose of this role is to support the management of clinical services for the effective provision of quality nursing and midwifery services. To operate and perform in line with the Vision and Mission of the hospital. To implement standards for provision of quality nursing/midwifery services to all clients. To monitor, coordinate, and evaluate nursing/midwifery, medical and theatre activities, and performance.

Deadline of this Job: 26 July 2022
Job Overview
Under the supervision and guidance of a Registered Nurse, the enrolled nurse will be responsible for direct delivery of high quality and efficient nursing services to clients at the attached health facility and in the community ensuring that high standards are adhered to in assessments, handling of emergencies, treatment and administration of medicines. S/he will be expected to work within the health facility and also offer services in the community in the catchment area.
Deadline of this Job: 20 July 2022  
Main Purpose of the Job:
To assist the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to ensure proper management of monitoring and evaluation systems at the Centre.

Key Outputs
• Data routinely cleaned and validated
• Data entry supervised
• Data backup ensured
• Logistical support to Records Clerk and Stand-in Data Entry Clerks provided

Deadline of this Job: 20 July 2022  
Main Purpose of the Job:
The District TB/ HIV Project Officer will provide technical assistance to project and Health facility staff, Facility-Community-Based Linkage Facilitators and District Health Teams (DHTs) to ensure effective linkages and referrals for quality accelerated TB epidemic control through evidence-based high impact prevention, care, and treatment and support responses in the Cluster areas. S/he will provide technical support to the district health team (DHT) and district-led programming in the district, initiate, plan, coordinate and evaluate project activities designed to enhance capabilities, governance and functionality of DHTs and District Community services Department.

Deadline of this Job: 20 July 2022  

Deadline of this Job: 26 July 2022

Deadline of this Job: 31 July 2022

Deadline of this Job: 31 July 2022

Deadline of this Job: 25 July 2022