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Deadline of this Job: 13 October 2022
Job Summary
Provide specialist advise and support for day-to-day work, in order to execute predefined objectives as per agreed standard operating procedures (SOPs). Selecting this role has a compensation & benefit impact in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Mozambique, TZ (BBT), TZ (NBC). Please contact Reward for details.

Job Description
Generate leads: Please contact your People Function business partner:

Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)
Deadline of this Job: 13 October 2022
Job Summary
Provides financial services to meet client specific needs to promote, market and sell Financial Solutions in accordance with relevant legislation, to meet sales targets and achieve strategic business objectives.

Job Description
Sales Target : Proactively make self-initiated contact with customers in order to deliver against the required sales targets | Collaboration : Constantly seek to improve ways of working by challenging the status quo and supporting an empowering climate within the team, sharing knowledge, experience, best practice and providing constructive feedback as required. | Compliance and Risk Management: Fulfil all activities in adherence to relevant control and compliance requirements, and quality standards | Customer Experience: To provide service excellence and achieve customer satisfaction

Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)
Deadline of this Job: 03 October 2022
Reporting to: TB Prevalence Survey Coordinator
Period: Short-term contract

Position Objectives:

The purpose of this job is to lead and effectively manage the Central Data Management Unit (CDMU) under the UPS TB prevalence survey project in line with the study protocol and Manual of operations.

Specific assignment
• Lead and manage the Central Data Management Unit (CDMU).
• Coordinate all steps in data management
• Design data capture, entry, analysis, and reporting tools as may be required by the Epidemiologist, Survey Coordinator and/or the PI and routinely compile data files
• Maintain a master database the individual survey questionnaire, CXR register, the TB suspect register, TB lab results databases and HIV central lab results database.
• Verify raw data sent from the field and other data sources (Lab/Radiology/medical) using the different logbooks
• Generate and transmit data queries to field teams for resolution
• Compile patients with x-ray findings and their symptomatology, bacteriological results to medical panel for case adjudication.
• Receive, merge, clean, validate data from other data bases (Lab, field, and Radiology) and maintain an overall central database for the survey
• Check validated data files regularly for systematic errors (cleaning);
• Be directly responsible for the validation of the 100% double entered data files
• Resolves all data related issues raised with the datasets
• In collaboration with field teams, review of TB Survey data management plans, quality control plan, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and work practices that will deliver accurate, timely, consistent, and quality data.
• In collaboration with data analysts, initiate and send data query logs to the data collection teams for correction.
• Back up CDMU data base online on Google drive (or drop box) and on external drive on daily basis.
• Compile and submit reliable analysis summaries/tables and data management reports summarizing progress in data entry, data validation and cleaning etc for the Survey Implementation Team (SIT).
• Generate routine data Quality Control, status, and summary reports
• Support the development and improvement of the existing data management manuals and training materials for the TB survey
• Carry out data analysis of the survey data
• Respond to all data management requests and ensures that all data quality standards are implemented
• Keep all data that bear personal information under lock and key and all electronic databases under a password and be encrypted.
• Immediately Inform the Survey Coordinator once a smear-positive or a culture- positive TB case is reported from the laboratory, or a TB case is reported by the medical panel.
• Attend TB Survey Implementation team (SIT) weekly meetings
• Ensure safety of all data/information handed over to you for verification
• Ensure that data is maintained in both soft and hard copies
• Report any problems encountered in data management to data consultant and the Survey Coordinator
• Attend required data entry trainings and meetings and provides input to enhancement of data systems
• Manage and train other staff hired to the data management unit
• Follow survey protocol and manual of field operations in all data management procedures and always keep all study information confidential.
• Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Epidemiologists, Survey Coordinator or PI.

Educational Requirements and Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree is either Statistics, Computer Sciences, information systems or the equivalent and a postgraduate training related to quantitative data management. Must have an experience in electronic data management, being able to manage data from various sources and able to conduct preliminary data analysis.

Deadline of this Job: 03 October 2022
Position status: Temporary Contract
Reporting to: TB Prevalence Survey Coordinator

Position Objectives:
The purpose of this job is to be directly responsible for the implementation of the field work in line with the TB prevalence survey protocol and Manual of Operations. Specific assignment
• Lead the field team and team field operations
• Make a second pre-visit to the selected clusters before the fieldwork (during team breaks) to mobilize communities to participate in the survey through meetings to inform them of the purpose, target groups, procedures, benefits, and risks of the survey while following a designed survey communications strategy.
• Provide the local village authorities and respondents with a brochure about the survey
• Requisition for equipment, logistics and supplies necessary for field operations.
• Provide the local village authorities with household/census registers and request them to prepare a household registry.
• Be responsible for logistics, human resources on the team and organization during the fieldwork
• Coordinate the day-to-day fieldwork (oversee field work)
• Organize respondents’ flow within the survey base as outlined in the protocol
• Compile and submit daily the field report to the Survey Coordinator
• Inform the local authorities of any survey identified cases for purposes of case management.
• Account for all field resources provided to you for the teams’ operation
• Ensure safety of copies of each set of data collection tools in the field (household census registers, questionnaires, eligible for sputum collection register, chest radiographs, CXR registers, laboratory registers and cluster summary report form etc.)
• Report any problems in implementing the survey protocol in the field
• Attend once weekly field operations meeting as required at project offices during field breaks
• Cross check all symptom data and chest x-ray reading data and TB suspects and collection registers at the field level.
• Authorize and acknowledge all items and study samples leaving the field.
• In all field operations, follow the project protocol and manual of field operations and always keep all study information confidential.
• Perform other related duties assigned by the coordinator

Educational Requirements and Qualifications:
Degree in bachelor’s degree in health Sciences. Post graduate training in Public Health or its equivalent. Must possess a certificate in good clinical practices or research in human ethics, experienced in human health research activities including special population, ability to work beyond the normal working hours. Applicants with field experience will be preferred. This is project work and successful candidates will be required to work beyond office works if there is need to beat deadlines. Certificate in good clinical practice is added advantage.

Deadline of this Job: 03 October 2022
Position status: Short-term contract
Reports to the Study PI

Summary of Responsibilities:
The Survey Coordinator will be responsible for day-to-day management of the survey and will perform the following duties & responsibilities: -
• Participate in survey planning and implementation meetings
• Secretary to Survey Implementation Team meetings
• Coordinate the survey secretariat day to day activities
• Be responsible for the management of all survey human resource he supervises and providing their appraisal in a timely manner
• Mobilize regional hospitals, district support- Zonal TB supervisors, DHOs, DTLS and other leaders for survey support.
• Coordinates /Carries out first pre-visit to each of the clusters to assess feasibility, finalize any preparatory activities, and to sensitize key stakeholders
• Supervise field work activities
• Ensure timely availability of all logistics required for the conduct of the survey
• Draws plans for the field work in consultation with UPS study coordinator
• Conduct field supervision
• Ensure adequate preparations for implementation of field activities.
• Coordinate the requisition and delivery of survey logistics to the field
• Coordinate the sample management processes and results
• Collate weekly field reports
• Ensure that all patient results are delivered back to the respective district Health System through DTLS/HSDFP and follows up to ensure that the results have reached the final participant and appropriate care is arranged/provided.
• Summarize survey cases based on CXR findings and their bacteriological results in excel as they are diagnosed in line with survey protocol to support the summarization of survey consort diagram.
• Any other duties assigned by the PI

Educational Requirements and Qualifications:
Degree in Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), bachelor’s in nursing and a master’s degree in Public Health or its equivalent. Must possess a certificate in good clinical practices or research in human ethics. Applicants with field experience will be preferred. This is project work and successful candidates will be required to work beyond office works if there is need to beat deadlines.

Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022

Job reference: MUNI NEW ADVERT: REF/MU/ADM/1.2/2022
Number of Posts (1 Post)
Salary Scale: (M12)
Responsible to: Head of Department
Responsible for: Office Attendant
Terms of employment: Permanent and on 6 months’ probation where applicable

To provide Secretarial, administrative and office managerial services to the Office of the University Secretary. The successful candidate shall be deployed in the Kampala Liaison office.

• Takes and transcribes dictation and produces the work accordingly.
• Receives and disseminates correspondences, mails and other information for the University Secretary’s office.
• Drafts appropriate correspondences and submit them to the responsible authority for authentication and timely dispatch.
• Provides support in arranging meetings that directly fall under the ambit of the University Secretary’s office.
• Attends to all visitors by ascertaining the nature of business and directing them to appropriate offices.
• Oversees the filing, maintenance, storage, security and retrieval of files and documents.
• Schedules appointments, synchronizes and updates the diary and screens requests for meetings.
• Attends to telephone inquiries, handles out-going and in-coming mails and faxes.
• Requests, manages and accounts for office equipment, materials and imprest.

• Secretarial duties carried out.
• Clients attended to and directed to appropriate offices.
• University Secretary’s dairy kept up-to-date.
• Office equipment requisitioned and managed.
• Imprest requisitioned, managed and accounted for.

• Should have a Diploma in Secretarial Studies or information Management or UNEB Diploma in Secretarial Studies with Business Communication Stage II; Typewriting Stage III (50 wpm); Shorthand Stage II (80/90 wpm) and Office Management or equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution.
• Should have a minimum of three (3) years’ relevant experience with a reputable organization.
• Should have good communication and interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrated computer literacy skills.
• High level of integrity.

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