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Deadline of this Job: 10 October 2022
Industrial Projects

Job Description
• To participate to technical meetings during the detailed design: to provide support and expertise and contribution to the progress of the detailed design and procurement engineering.
• To participate to construction meetings and guide the resolution of construction related issues linked to his/her area.
• To participate to the Project HAZOP/SPOT and PTR and other audits and technical reviews, including coordination of Project answers and final resolution.
• To ensure proper reporting for his/her area and to highlight critical issues to the Offsites & Drilling Interfaces Package Manager. To contribute to improving the project lessons learnt and personnel skills.
• To contribute to the advancement of working methods and tools within his speciality.
• Organize and participate in internal and with Contractor technical meetings, challenge the EPSCC Contractor, monitor and promote value engineering to contribute to cost saving. Promote alternatives design to optimize works and schedule.
• Prepare weekly and monthly activity reports for his/her area in coordination with offsites & drilling interfaces package Manager
• Identify and evaluate changes to basis for design, as early as possible, anticipate problems in his/her area
• Promote local content initiatives together with the National Content team and Offsites & Drilling Interfaces Package Manager.
• Work closely, as required, with the Facilities Engineering Manager and lead DCC to ensure that the engineering deliverables, in particular the Class 1 from the EPSCC Contractor are reviewed and commented within the contractual timeframe.
• Work closely with the disciplines lead to ensure adequate follow-up of procurement and later coordination of equipment and material integration in the facilities.
• Organize the monitoring of the inspection plans for the equipment and material supplied for his/her area and ensure follow-up until such equipment and material can be released and incorporated to the Plant on site.
• Make sure with the Contractor that all necessary certifications for the installations means to be used for the installation of the line pipe, cable and platform on the lake are issued in due time.
• Organize installation procedures detailed risk assessment sessions with the contractor and ensure later that mitigation measures are in place and followed. Obtain support from the relevant head quarter disciplines to validate such procedure.
• Work closely with the construction team to coordinate his/her area’s activities during construction and ensure transverse management of site activities with the support of the relevant construction teams while offshore activities will take place.
• Organise regular visit on site for progress review and coordination purpose with Company construction teams and Contractor project teams on site during the construction preparation phase.
• Manage the planning of the well pad with the support of the planning team –implement it on a day-to-day basis during construction.
• Review and prepare input to variation orders
• Anticipate potential claim from the contractor and alert the Offsites & Drilling Interfaces Package Manager. Propose approaches and elements of negotiation.
• Participate to the budget preparation and provide input to the project LOP for the part related to his/her area

Candidate profile
• Engineering degree.
• Minimum 9 years oil & gas experience (Company graduate program engineer or relevant experience) with significant relevant multi-discipline engineering experience in EP industry is required to provide the necessary overview of the business, with experience in planning or project engineering.
• Strong technical, analytical, innovative and commercial skills. A good experience in planning, budgeting and managing interfaces. Thorough understanding of the risks and the technical/commercial issues associated with the development of oil and gas projects.
• Some experience of construction onshore and preferably offshore with a good understanding of the construction constraints and implications for the project development. Capacity to manage activities on a construction site is a must.
• Conversant with International, group engineering standards, as well as HSE standards. Ability to understand the specific risk induced by offshore installation activities.
• Good communication skills and an aptitude for taking initiatives are essential, as is the ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams. Ability to manage the relationship with key stakeholders.
• Proven track record of result deliveries in challenging project environments

Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022
Reports to: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Duty Station: Soroti

Job Summary: The Manager Production & Technical Services will lead and manage efficient plant operations in close co-ordination with teams from different departments. He will also be responsible for designing new systems and processes for the introduction of new machines or for the improvement of existing ones, undertake scheduled and breakdown maintenance of manufacturing equipment or plants and manage the Production and Technical Teams to process fruits as per the Production Plan to meet Customer’s Expectations in Time and in Full at Optimum Cost (OTIF).

Main Duties
• Develop and execute SOFTE’s production plans in relation with the primary fruit supplies, plant capacities, labor requirements, marketing and distribution plans.
• Liaise with the Quality Control and Assurance Department to ensure production of quality products.
• Design maintenance strategies to help with installation and commissioning guidelines and take lead in the repairing and equipment maintenance.
• Design and review plant layout.
• Attend/chair production meetings and forecast production requirements.
• Compute Production costs related to equipment, time, labor and production materials .
• Decide the effective use of resources, e.g. raw materials, equipment and staff.
• Produce and implement maintenance schedules.
• Test and make sure systems are working correctly.
• Identify, investigate and repair system faults.
• Supervise the work of production and technical services staff (both skilled & non skilled) including trainees and support staff.
• Oversee the installation, repair and re-assembling of equipment.
• Demonstrate new and existing equipment to systems engineers, support staff and production staff.
• Discuss, evaluate, manage and rectify systems failures.
• Investigate environmental hazards and take charge of developing the factory’s overall HACCP plan (conducting safety tests and removing potential hazards).
• Review results and meet with managers to discuss methods of improving the productivity of existing systems.
• Investigate ways in which the latest technology could improve the productivity rate of the manufacturing systems.
• Assist in the sourcing new suppliers of industrial equipment.
• Oversee the testing, monitoring and evaluating new mechanical equipment.
• Establish and implement a quality culture within the manufacturing environment.
• Identify and analyze capacity enhancement needs of the production staff.
• Keep up to date with the latest technological developments and trends in engineering and food processing.
• Manage budgets of the Production & Technical Services department

Qualifications, Skills and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields; Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering.
• A Post Graduate qualification in a related field is an added advantage.
• At least 8 years’ experience in a busy beverage or FMCG manufacturing environment with at least 3 years at senior level.
• Working knowledge of food quality and safety (HACCP concept principles).
• Highly motivated and able to perform and deliver under a stressful and target oriented environment.
• Should be result oriented with very good communication skills
• Should have good research & analytical skills
• Planning and organizing
• Leadership skills
• Attention to detail, accurate and precise
• Quality conscious and proactive
• Problem-solving and communication skills

Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022
Reports to: Quality Control & Assurance Manager
Duty Station: Soroti

Job Summary:

Ensure that the products manufactured are of good quality and meet the customer expectations with legal compliance at all times.

Main Duties
• Perform routine analysis of products, semi products, packaging material and raw materials to verify consistence with established standards
• Perform inspections of products and raw material on the production and reception floor
• Develop and analyze statistical data and product specifications to determine present standards and establish proposed quality and reliability expectancy of finished product.
• In liaison with the Quality Control Analyst, formulate and maintain quality control objectives and coordinate objectives with production procedures to maximize product appeal, reliability and minimize costs.
• Contribute to development of SOPs for efficient quality control operations
• Perform simple repairs and calibrations of equipment with guidance of Quality Control Analyst
• Prepare reagents for laboratory tests where required.
• Conduct sampling of products, semi products and raw materials
• Prepare daily quality control reports and records for submission to the Quality Control Analyst
• Adhere to the health and safety and QMS guidelines at all times.
• Any other duties assigned by the Quality Control Analyst.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience
• A degree in Food Science/Industrial Chemistry/Microbiology and any other related discipline.
• 2 years of relevant experience in a similar field.
• Knowledge and experience in Food/beverage microbial analysis is desirable
• Knowledge of various laws, regulations, guidelines, procedures affecting a manufacturing organization.
• Knowledge of ISO Standards is desirable
• Awareness of factory safety & health regulations
• Problem solving and good decision making
• Analytical
• Flexible and willing to work long hours
• Computer literate
• Quality conscious

Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022
Reports to: Manager Production & Technical Services
Duty Station: Soroti

Job Summary: Implement the production operation/process plans, monitor processing floors and supervise machine operators and line support staff.

Main Duties
• Ensure that products are produced on time and are of good quality.
• Identify production best practices.
• Monitor and report variances against production demand plan on a daily basis.
• Report production deviations against expected outputs and take action within agreed timeframes. Check consistence of output units with resource usage.
• Quarterly review of all team members against out-puts.
• Implement the health and safety guidelines in the plant and ensure zero accidents caused due to Loss-Time Accidents and near misses.
• Communicate machine operation procedures to all personnel.
• Participate in development and improvement of materials specifications.
• Maintain work flow by monitoring steps of the process; setting processing variables; observing control points and equipment.
• Monitoring personnel and resources.
• Capture daily production data into the company database.
• Identifying training needs.
• Monitor and control resource usage (Assets, utilities, raw materials and all production inputs)
• Monitor inventory and prepare requisitions for raw materials and spare parts.
• Prepare daily production reports.
• Perform any other activities that may be assigned by the supervisor.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience
• Food Science and Technology honors degree or its equivalent.
• A relevant post graduate qualification is an added advantage
• QMS related training and exposure will be an added advantage
• Minimum of three years’ related experience in a busy beverage or FMCG manufacturing environment.
• Highly motivated and able to perform and deliver under a stressful and target oriented environment
• Result-oriented
• Skills in conducting safety tests and removing potential hazards
• Good research and analytical skills
• Awareness of factory safety & health regulations
• Planning and organizing
• Communication and interpersonal skills
• Problem handling & analytical skills
• Computer skills

Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022

Specification: Master’s degree in Economics, Private Sector Development, Business Administration, Project Management, Development Studies, Public Policy, or related field. Candidates South Western Uganda is an added advantage.

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Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022
General Summary
Responsible for cleaning and maintaining laboratory and office facilities. Prepares tea for staff and visitors as directed by the supervisor. Assists with moving supplies and equipment as needed. Couriers samples, reports and messages from clinics and projects to the laboratory in a timely manner. Follows all biohazard precautions as instructed when transporting specimensResponsible for cleaning and maintaining laboratory and office facilities. Prepares tea for staff and visitors as directed by the supervisor. Assists with moving supplies and equipment as needed. Couriers samples, reports and messages from clinics and projects to the laboratory in a timely manner. Follows all biohazard precautions as instructed when transporting specimensResponsible for cleaning and maintaining laboratory and office facilities. Prepares tea for staff and visitors as directed by the supervisor. Assists with moving supplies and equipment as needed. Couriers samples, reports and messages from clinics and projects to the laboratory in a timely manner. Follows all biohazard precautions as instructed when transporting specimens.

Key Responsibilities
• Cleans the laboratory and office areas as instructed by the laboratory supervisor. Cleaning to include windows, floors, office desktops, walls, refrigerators.
• Removes trash and infectious waste materials following laboratory safety guidelines.
• Cleans freezer and storage areas as directed by the laboratory supervisor or laboratory support technician.
• Maintains cleaning items in an appropriate manner.
• Notifies laboratory support Supervisor when cleaning supplies are low.
• Assists with moving and storing inventory items and equipment as needed.
• Cleans and maintains teapots, flasks, tea (and all the other equipment used in preparation and serving of tea or food). Keeps tea/food service items secure.
• Collects and delivers samples, reports, messages and any other materials as needed between clinics and projects to the laboratory.
• Checks all requisition and sample identification for adherence to current laboratory procedures before accepting samples for transport.
• Follows biohazard and safety instructions for transporting biological samples.
• Assists with moving and storing inventory items and equipment as needed.
• Attends all regular staff meetings.
• Carries out any other duties as assigned by the Laboratory Supervisor and laboratory management.

• Follows all laboratory procedures including safety guidelines, the use of personal protective equipment and awareness of blood-borne pathogens.
• Maintains a clean and safe work environment.

• Meets or exceeds continuing education requirements for position.
• Demonstrates a cooperative attitude in relationships with co-workers and other personnel.
• Meets or exceeds quality assurance levels of the laboratory and collaboration.
• Maintains confidentiality of patients, patient results and project operations.
• Serves as an effective representative to physicians, nurses, counsellors and visitors in a courteous and empathic manner.
• Follows laboratory and collaboration polices.
Uses all facilities and supplies with care and in a cost-effective manner.

Person Specification
Uganda Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) and one year working experience is preferred. Computer literacy with working knowledge of MS Office Software (such as Word, Excel, Power Point…etc.) is an added advantage.

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