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Deadline of this Job: 28 September 2022



Chaperone International Ltd. invites applications from suitably qualified, dynamic, self-motivated persons for immediate employment on contract terms at Kanungu HCIV- Kataate Hospital Project, an emerging oasis of dignified treatment and compassionate healthcare service delivery, in the following position;

Minimum Requirements
• UCE/ S.4 or its equivalent
• Training in Security/ Relevant Experience

Deadline of this Job: 28 September 2022
• To Manage security programs including security staff management, incident response to ensure the safe conduct of operations and activities at the Project Site.
• To interface between Company and main Project contractors’ security managers.
• To liaise with Government Security Forces, support personnel and regularly meet with the different Police and Army Commanders to review security status, concerns and implication to the Project as a whole.

Main accountabilities
• Advises the Project Site Representative in all related-security matters.
• Ensure full implementation of the Security plans by the site Security coordinators.
• Develops security policies, procedures and plans for the company security arrangements.
• Liaises with Government Security Forces, Agencies, parastatal, and local institutions on security matters.
• Interfaces with shareholders’ and contractors’ security organization to ensure coordinated approach according to Company security rules and guidance.
• Develops accurate security information that will ensure Company readiness to handle emergency situations.
• Develops emergency response and crisis management plans including evacuation and business continuity plans.
• Conducts security risks and vulnerability assessments for all existing and new assets and operations.
• In conjunction with other present stakeholders and the site security coordinators, organizes Project and community intelligence network and monitors its implementation.
• Remains in constant liaison with Community Liaison Officers and ensures strategic surveillance network.
• Monitors and responds to diverse security problems both internal and external as they affect the Company.
• Complies with Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures.
• Assists to prepare budget.
• Writes periodic reports.
• Assists in the definition of specific security infrastructure requirements if requested.
• Participates in the pre-commissioning activities before any security validation to go further.
• Attends to any other duties assigned by Management from time to time.
• Reports to the Country Security Manager

Qualifications And Required Experience

• University Degree or equivalent

• Minimum 10 years of experience in security (Private Security Company, Army or Police)
• Experience with security in industrial facilities management.
• Experience with security in Project management.
• Previous management experience within a multi-national corporation environment and challenging environment