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Deadline of this Job: 28 September 2022

Job Summary
Provides financial services to meet client specific needs to promote, market and sell Financial Solutions in accordance with relevant legislation, to meet sales targets and achieve strategic business objectives. Selecting this role has a compensation & benefit impact in Mozambique. Please contact Reward for details.
Job Description
Deadline of this Job: 21 September 2022
Reporting to the Records Manager, the role holder will ensure safe custody of all the Bank’s records in both Registry and the offsite archives. The records clerk will ensure document protection against alteration, theft, and physical damage. They will ensure documents are accessed only by authorized personnel and a high level of integrity maintained at all times. They will provide day to day support in accordance with the laid down bank’s policies and procedures.

Deadline of this Job: 20 September 2022
2 Financial Director

• Be Responsible for formulating and executing ZPEB Uganda’s financial developing strategy, investment decisions and other major financial decisions.
• Be Responsible for establishing and maintaining financing channels, raising funds required for company’s operating and ensuring the normal funds supply.
• Be Responsible for building financial accounting system, budget system, financial control system, and effective internal control system.