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Deadline of this Job: 20 September 2022
Job Title: Weighbridge Clerk
Position Ref No: EUL/SS/10
Department: Operations
Closing Date: 20 September 2022
Location: Kampala
Direct Manager: Site Supervisor

Job Purpose
Weighing waste streams and adhering to waste acceptance procedures to ensure the effective operation of the weighbridge and proper communication to disposal, personnel.

Educational, Qualifications
• PLE certificate

• Experience, Requirements
• 3 years of experience
• Knowledge
• Communication skills
• Basic computer skills
• Knowledge of Hazardous & Domestic waste Disposal and treatment methods
• Literacy and Numeracy at the level of PLE ceritificate.

• Key Job, Responsibilities

• Ensuring that correct weighing in and out procedures are carried out.
• Ensuring that trucks are weighed in as efficiently as possible to avoi,unnecessary delays or congestion
• Accurate recording of waste information volumes.
• Reporting of any incidents, accidents or non-conformances to Site Team,Leader.
• Compliance with the operational, permit and legal requirements with regard to,Health and Safety.
• Housekeeping of weighbridge area.
• Ensuring that all relevant paperwork is filled in correctly and is retained for,processing by the Site Team Leader.

• Key Competencies
• Analytical Thinking
• Conceptual Thinking
• Information Seeking
• Initiative
• Customer Orientation
• Achievement Orientation
Deadline of this Job: 20 September 2022
Job Title: Plant Operator
Position Ref No: EUL/OPS/05
Department: Operations
Closing Date: 20 September 2022
Location: Kampala
Direct Manager: Operations Manager

Job Purpose
Responsible for the sound operation of the Leachate Treatment Plant, including all plans and equipment other than the boiler, on a shift basis.

Educational Qualifications
• A- Level Certificate
• Technician’s diploma training in Engineering (chemical or mechanical engineering) would be an advantage.

• Experience Requirements
• 5 years of experience in the operation of a chemical plant or water treatment plant.

• Key Job Responsibilities
• Operate and maintain the treatment plant under the required conditions.
• Check the operation of the treatment plant, including levels, pressures and temperatures, and take corrective action where necessary.
• Report any deficiencies to the Shift Supervisor.
• Solve plant operating problems and take corrective action where necessary
• Fill Skips with concentrate and swop Roll-Roll-Off when full.
• Periodically open and clean the feed leachate filters.
• Add chemicals from 25-liter poly cans to tanks for all sections of the plant except the boiler.
• Offload caustic road tankers.
• Operate the filter press on the biological section of the plant, which involves opening and removing filter cakes. Fill the disposal skips with sludge from the filter press.
• Clean the cooling water filter and blow down the cooling water circuit.
• Regularly check and maintain the cooling water dosing system as well as the compressed air system to ensure correct operation.
• Check and maintain the scrubber to ensure efficient operation, which would involve draining and then mixing fresh scrub solution when required.
• Responsible for first-line maintenance of the plant mechanical and instrument equipment, such as tightening flanges, flushing out pumps, clearing blocked lines and vessels, etc.
• Take waste samples and submit them to the lab for analysis.
• Assist the Shift Supervisor with plant start-up and normal or emergency shutdown.
• Ensure appropriate housekeeping of equipment and facilities.
• Identify chemical requirements and needs for preventative maintenance and advise the Shift Supervisor accordingly. Safety
• Ensure compliance with both EnviroServ safety regulations and procedures and OHSA and NOSA requirements.
• Attend monthly safety meetings.

• Key Competencies
• Analytical thinking
• Initiative
• Achievement orientation
• Self Confidence

Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022
Primary function:
• To provide efficient and accurate in-country Material Inventory control as per Operational requirements and support.


• Control/store/preserve Inventory and Equipment as per industry standards and operational requirements.
• Capture all transactions in excel sheets and SAP system and report accordingly to superiors.
• Collaborate with Finance teams/auditors during cycle count, and provide required inventory data.
• Complete and submit routine Material Master Data report to superiors in a timely manner.
• Interact with Operations Department to supply to/from sites fit for purpose materials as per operational requirements.
• Implement all necessary standards and supervision to comply with QHSE objectives of the company.
• Plan all logistics requirements and communicate activities to all relevant parties accordingly.
• Liaise with drilling supervision and service companies for materials supply.
• Plan, coordinate and manage logistics requirements and assets including plants craneage and transport as per agreed operational requirements.
• Responsible for supervising and leading the field materials and Logistics team.
• Supervise premises and personnel to ensure they comply with safety and QHSE standards.
• Arrange and segregate materials in order of their respective categories and location.
• Responsible for the consolidation and integration of material returns from the rig site and other project sites.
• Responsible for purchase requisitions of consumables in the warehouse/ yard.
• Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of the warehouse and material yard.
• Perform other duties assigned by superior.


• Bachelor’s degree or above in Petroleum engineering, drilling and completion, planning, management or the related.
• Minimum 5 years proven field materials control experience with operator background.
• Experience with various SCM functions is preferred.


• Familiar with knowledge of geophysics, logging and mud log.
• Knowledge of EMMS required.
• Certificates on technical/HSE courses such as DG, Plant Utilization, IOSH, Stores Management, lifting plans, drilling technology among others, preferred.
• Understanding of oil E&P.
Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022
Primary function:
• Assist the Chief & Sr. Drilling Engineer to prepare completion, intervention and workover program and completion technology related work.


• Responsible for reviewing and optimization of completion basic design.
• Preparation and review of the completion program and completion budget.
• Responsible for reviewing service companies’ design and programs.
• Provide engineering support to the tendering plan and strategy of the service and material procurement.
• Provide relevant engineering support to cost control.
• Prepare technical bidding documents and evaluation criteria according to the requirements on the equipment and services of designing, and participate in tendering and bidding evaluation.
• Responsible for new technology introduction, analysis and application.
• Participate in drilling material list preparation and material inspection.
• Provide technical support to completion and workover operations.
• Responsible for reviewing and publishing of daily completion report.
• Responsible for preparation and reviewing of EOWR.
• Perform other duties assigned by Superiors.


• Bachelor’s degree or above in Petroleum engineering, Drilling, Completion or the related.
• At least 5 years related working experience.


• Extensive knowledge of completion and workover.
• Extensive knowledge of laws of oil E&P safety and environmental protection.
• Knowledge of cost control, economic contract and laws.
• Understanding of petroleum contract, reservoir, geology and oil production.

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