Security, Homeland Security Jobs at Mountains of the Moon University

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Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022

Salary Scale: M15
Responsible to: Head Security Guard
Ref. No. EXT AD/APP/23/08/02
No. of Posts 4

• To assist the Security Officer in providing security to the University and ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff and property.

• Keep surveillance at University facilities and properties.
• Collaborate with any Security Company Guards hired by the University to support implementation of security procedures.
• Cooperate with Uganda Police Force, Security Officers in other organizations, and informants during investigations.
• Guide motorists in proper parking and regulate traffic flow to and from the University.
• Direct visitors to relevant Offices.
• Make arrests of suspects and hands them over to relevant authorities.
• Record gate passes and/or vehicle number plates for participants and/or visitors entering or leaving the University premises.
• Man the University gates to control incoming and outgoing vehicles and pedestrian traffic and conducts spot checks to ensure that University property is not taken out of the University without authority.
• Ensure security lights are on at the right times, switching on the generator as needed.
• Raise and lower the Ugandan flag and any other flags that the University may wish.
• Receive and deliver newspapers to the relevant offices daily.
• Ensure that all the buildings are securely locked.
• Ensure that canteens, clubs are closed at the right time.

• Daily surveillance report produced.
• Traffic flow is well regulated.
• A record of gate passes and vehicles entering or leaving the University premises is kept.
• Security lights switched on and off at the right times; the buildings are securely locked and the generator promptly switched on when needed.
• Security of persons and property ensured at all times.

• Should have a minimum of O’ level Certificate with Police Training.
• Should have a three (3) years’ working experience in security related work.

Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022

Salary Scale: M10
Responsible to: Chief Security Officer
Responsible for: Head Security Guards
Ref. No. EXT AD/APP/22/08/02
No. of Posts 1

• To provide personal, equipment, and real property security for faculty, staff, students, and visitors within an assigned area of the University campus.

• Initiate, reviews, develops and ensures implementation of Security rules, regulations and guidelines for the University in consultation with police.
• Investigate and/or reports hazards’, unusual or suspicious circumstances and/ or crimes to campus police unit for follow-up actions.
• Assist police agencies during investigations or emergencies.
• Plan and ensure provision of escort services to the University when monies, documents or safety of property or persons are a concern.
• Respond to alarms and dispatched calls, decides what actions to take based on situation, facts known and position limitations.
• Conduct inspections of various security posts to ensure on-duty Security Attendants are properly performing their assigned tasks.
• Establish and maintains working and collaboration linkages with campus police to ensure on-going incidents receive a coordinated response.
• Prepare security work plans and budgets and submits to the Office of the University Secretary for consideration.
• Prepare and submits periodic security reports to the relevant authorities.
• Requisition and account for the resources and performance of the Security Unit.

• Security rules, regulations and guidelines for the University implemented and complied with.
• Crimes or suspicious circumstances or activities in the University are investigated and reported to campus police unit for follow-up actions.
• Alarms and dispatched calls within the University responded to.
• Security posts inspected to ensure effective performance by on-duty Security Attendants.
• Working and collaboration linkages with campus police established and maintained.
• Work plans and budgets prepared and submitted to the Office of the University Secretary.
• Periodic security reports prepared and submitted to the relevant authorities.
• Resources and performance of the Security Unit accounted for.

• A Diploma from a recognized University with post graduate training with the Uganda Police Force and deployed on secondment.
• Experience of not less than six (6 years) in policing or security work
• Demonstrated ability to: Communicate effectively at different levels; listen actively; solving problems and make mature judgments; courteously deal with the public and maintain composure under stress.
• Excellent public relations, management of crowds, intelligent, high degree of integrity and able to handle confidential matters.

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