Customer Service Jobs at Mountains of the Moon University

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Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022

Salary Scale: M6.2
Responsible to: Senior Systems Administrator
Responsible for: Administrative Assistant
Ref. No. EXT AD/APP/17/08/02
No. of Posts: 01

• To Support users in liaison with unit systems administrators.

• Provide help to users for hardware and software related inquiries.
• Document and direct inquiries beyond his or her capacity to the end user support
• administrator and give feedback to users.
• Perform and document various information systems and services, monitor reports from an end user perspective.
• Act as a liaison between end user support units and University unit system administrators.
• Perform any other related duties assigned by the immediate supervisor.

• Bachelor’s degree in ICT with demonstrable experience in dealing with computer hardware and software related problems as well web-based applications.
• Three (3) years’ experience in hardware and software trouble shooting.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• Output oriented.
• Good conceptual skills.
• Initiative and innovation.
• Experience
• One year’s experience supporting users in the large organization
Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022

Salary Scale: M6.2
Responsible to: Deputy Dean of Students
Responsible for: Counsellor
Ref. No. EXT AD/APP/15/08/02
No. of Posts: 01

• Provide counselling services to the students and members of staff.

• Assist staff and students to solve their problems of any nature.
• Provide competent advice to students on their careers.
• Compile sand maintains a record of useful information on Guidance and Counselling and make it available to the clients.
• Work with the Dean of Students, the Medical Officer, the Wardens and other University department organs in the day-to-day care of staff and students as the cases may require.
• Consult with the Department of Career Guidance and Counselling in the Ministry of Education, relevant Government and Public Institutions both locally and internationally to gather information for purpose of helping clients.
• Organize education force seminars for staff and students in the field of Guidance and Counselling.
• Perform duties any other assigned by the Dean of Students.

• Staff and students assisted in solving their problems.
• Career advice given to students.
• Useful information on guidance and counselling compiled and maintained.
• Information gathered from other career guidance and counselling organizations /Departments.
• Seminars on guidance and counselling organized for staff and students.

• Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling from a recognized university OR a Bachelor’s degree plus a Diploma in Counselling and Guidance
• Three (3) years of working experience in counselling relevant area in an institution.
• Have good interpersonal relations.
• Have skills in handling students’ problems and welfare.
• Mature person with positive attitude towards people.
• Possess high supervision and coordination skills.

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