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Deadline of this Job: 31 August 2022
The Research supervisor will coordinate USAID ICAN beneficiary survey in the district. Each supervisor will be in-charge of one district, you are therefore required to indicate the district of interest and should be fluent in the local language.

• Research quality assurance
• Coordination of survey field activities
• Data Cleaning, verification and validation
• Ensuring research data security
• Ensuring conformity to COW Foundation research ethics and standard operatingprocedures

Job Requirements

• A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in statistics, computer science, public administration, social science, public health or any other relevant discipline.
• At least two years of professional experience in implementation of community/household survey
• Community mobilization
• Data collection using ODK collect
• Report writing
• Digital data collection
• Data quality assurance

Deadline of this Job: 31 August 2022
Research Assistants (RA) will collect data from selected ICAN beneficiary community members to assess their level of vulnerability and resilience capacities. Each RA will be attached to a district. You are therefore required to indicate the district of interest and MUST be fluent in the local language.

• Collect data in the allocated district and sub county
• Data Cleaning, verification and validation
• Ensuring research data quality and security
• Ensuring conformity to COW Foundation’s research ethics and standard operating procedures
• Attend a 1-2 day’s training

Job Requirements
• A minimum of an ordinary diploma in any relevant discipline including social sciences, population studies, social work, development studies, statistics.
• One-year hands on experience in implementation community/household survey.
• Fluent in the local language spoken in the district above, both written and spoken.
• Community mobilization skills
• Digital data collection using a tablet computer
• Commitment to excellence in research
• Good teamwork ability and experience working with big teams

Deadline of this Job: 09 September 2022
Job Summary
Review and monitor the implementation of M & E management systems and guidelines for measuring and tracking projects performance & impact and manage the utilization of data and information to guide the implementation of the projects.

Overall Responsibilities
1. Develop and monitor the implementation of the ELMA Measure of Success (MOS) table and PMP for monitoring the progress and impact of the project;
2. Develop and monitor the implementation of approaches for conducting periodic surveys (baseline/site assessment, progress/midterm, and end of project) to establish the current, progress and impact level of projects;
3. Develop and monitor the implementation of project guidelines for data utilization and feedback mechanisms internally and externally in the districts which includes organizational periodic team reviews to improve project thematic performance;
4. Develop and review MIS specifications for the project and monitor functionality of the different information portals;
5. Develop and monitor the implementation of periodic M&E project operational plans, scorecard and manage the M & E project budget;
6. Develop and monitor the implementation of the capacity building plan for M&E in all project supported sites;
7. Participate in the developing/reviewing of support supervision guidelines, plans and tools for the project and as well monitor the procurement and distribution process of all data collection tools for the project;
8. Develop procedures for and participate in generating quality project reports to key stakeholders;
9. Develop and maintain a competent & motivated “team of M & E staff and maintain strategic partnerships and networks;
10. Monitor the utilization of both qualitative and quantitative data collected and turn it into research and fundable proposals then present findings in appropriate fora in line with Baylor Uganda research guidelines

Required Qualification, Experience and Competencies:
• 1. A degree in Statistics, Demography or Quantitative Economics with a Masters in Statistics or Quantitative Economics or any other relevant masters;
2. Formal qualification in project monitoring and evaluation; At least 5 years of experience in log frame approach in planning, monitoring & evaluation and application of qualitative and quantitative M&E methods with a reputable International or local NGO.
• 5 Years Relevant Experience