Computer/IT Jobs at National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and other companies

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Deadline of this Job: 26 August 2022
Job Purpose:
Works alongside front-end developers and programmers to create comprehensive digital solutions for business needs.

Duties and Responsibilities include:
• Collaborating with the front-end developers and other team members to establish objectives and design more functional, cohesive codes to enhance the user experience.
• Build and maintain web applications
• Monitor the website to ensure they are scalable and that it can still function when hit by large loads—be that traffic or demanding scripts.
• Maintain and test existing back-end elements to ensure they are as fast and efficient as possible.
• Assess the efficiency and speed of current applications.
• Write high-quality code and develop functional web applications.
• Manage hosting environments.
• Conduct troubleshooting and debugging activities.
• Integrate user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server-side logic.
• Building reusable code and libraries for future use.
• Support security and data protection.
• Design and implement data storage solutions.
• Liaise with developers, designers and system administrators to identify new features.

Education Requirements:
A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field

Work Experience:
5 years of Application Support in a medium to large corporate entity. At least one year of devOps experience is an added advantage.

Key Competences:
• Proactivity & Innovation
• Getting Work Done
• Relationship Building
• Communicating and Influencing
• Resilience & Resourcefulness
• Thinking and Problem Analysis
• Research and investigation
• Business process and project management
• Risk and control
• Data collection and analysis
• Problem Solving
• Computer-aided auditing techniques

Deadline of this Job: 26 August 2022
Job Purpose:
The role is primarily accountable for the overall quality, improvement, execution, and enforcement of the Fund’s IT Change Control process. He/she is the main coordinator within this process and is the focal point regarding changes for IT in the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities include:
• Schedule changes and ensure appropriate resources are assigned to execute the requested changes.
• Identify, analyze, and prepare risk mitigation tactics for the requested changes.
• Maintain the change schedule and projected service outage.
• Perform change impact analysis, assess change readiness, and identify stakeholders for the requested changes.
• Review all change requests for compliance to required standards according to established guidelines.
• Evaluate completed change requests to ensure the change management process was followed and recommend improvements.
• Ensure all necessary communication, documentation and testing is done prior to approval.
• Maintain pre-authorized and standard change lists
• Prepare for the Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings by having the appropriate changes and respective stakeholders present/available for the meetings.
• Present the requested changes to CAB for authorization
• Ensure all necessary documentation is availed and reviewed to inform the emergency change decision.
• Obtain emergency change authorization from CAB.
• Continual review and improvement of the change process from best practice, risk/audit reviews and training.

Education Requirements:
• A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, software engineering, Information Technology or related field
• Professional qualifications in, Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), or related certifications.
Work Experience: 5 years working in a busy IT environment and 2 years in a supervisory role.

Key Competences:
• Commitment & Integrity
• Proactivity & Innovation
• Getting Work Done
• Relationship Building
• Communicating and Influencing
• Resilience & Resourcefulness
• Thinking and Problem Analysis
• Research and Investigation
• Business Process and Project Management
• Risk and Control
• Data Collection and Analysis
• Problem Solving
• Computer-aided auditing techniques

Deadline of this Job: 26 August 2022

Job Purpose:
Responsible for effective data analytics and business intelligence across the Fund, implementing statistical and predictive modelling techniques to build, maintain, and improve on multiple real-time decision systems, and business processes analysis, documentation, and continuous improvement.

Duties and Responsibilities include:
• Develop and manage the creation and dissemination of reports and performance dashboards.
• Create different business scenarios, methods and innovative analyses of available data while developing data solutions
• Identify information gaps, design reports and publish them, aimed at guiding the field teams
• Collect data, analyze and present insights
• Collect expenditure and revenue data and prepare a cost-benefit analysis
• Set targets for all key performance indicators based on empirical analysis
• Collect, analyze and present data, and carry out periodic research to gather valuable insights on market trends that affect the business.
• Collect data, design models and present solutions
• Collaborate with process owners to adhere to standard systems and methods for managing business processes, enabling sustainable improvements in business results.
• Managing business processes, enabling sustainable improvements in business results
• Coordinate with different teams to determine requirements for data warehousing, reporting and analytical solutions.

Education Requirements:
• Bachelor degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Software engineering, Data science, or any other highly numerical and analytical field.
• Formal Certification in Data Science, Business intelligence, Big Data or Data Analytics.
Work Experience:
A minimum of 3 years of work experience as a Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Process Analyst or any related role, in a busy or fast-paced environment.

Key Competences:
• Coding (python, R)
• Data science and analytics
• Commitment & Integrity
• Proactivity & Innovation
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
• Collaboration skills
• Resilience & Resourcefulness
• Thinking and Problem Analysis
• Research and investigation
• Business Process Reengineering
• Project Management
• Data collection and analysis
• Computer-aided auditing techniques

Deadline of this Job: 26 August 2022
Job Purpose:
We are looking for a passionate and experienced IT Security Specialist to join our team. This person will be responsible for implementing, monitoring, and maintaining our security systems, by preventing unauthorized access to our data and responding to privacy breaches.

Duties and Responsibilities include:
• Ensure that application security is an embedded and critical part of the software delivery lifecycle (including during the early stages of projects) regardless of delivery methodology and toolsets used (e.g. static code analysis)
• Train and educate developers and teams in secure coding techniques including the use of supporting toolsets and enable them to self-service
• Conduct continuous vulnerability assessments on the Fund’s systems, including but not limited to source code libraries and runtime environments.
• Conduct compliance assessments by understanding business objectives, structure, policies and procedures, and internal and external regulatory controls.
• Identify and implement security requirements when developing applications, including when the development is outsourced.
• Document systems processes, and controls using narratives, flow charts, data flow diagrams, etc.
• Implement identity management and access control strategies, policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.
• Collaborate with control owners to implement process changes and track to completion
• Act on privacy breaches and malware threats
• Understand and communicate the downstream impact of control deficiencies on the business.
• Monitor and Investigate security breaches and other cybersecurity incidents.
• Stay up to date on information technology trends and security standards.
• Implementation of IT security strategy

Education Requirements:
• A Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity, Computer Science, software engineering, Information Technology, or related field
• Professional qualifications in Security (CEH, C-WAST, DLP, SIEM), or related certifications.
Work Experience:
• Minimum of 3 years with hands-on programming experience using relevant languages
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience in IT/Information Security responsibilities in a fast-paced environment
• Any security configuration and/or automation experience is highly desirable
• Strong understanding of cryptography and SSL certificate lifecycle management
• Working knowledge and experience with web and application security would be added advantage.

Key Competences:
• Foundation experience and reasonable understanding of network stack (OSI model, TCP/IP), network ports and protocols, traffic flow, defence-in-depth, and common security elements.
• Understanding of network security (incl. Network and Host IDS/IPS, WAF, DAM, SIEM, Antimalware, DLP, URL filtering, others)
• Sound understanding and exposure to Application Penetration Testing
• Practical understanding of code analysis, security testing knowledge/techniques (SAST and DAST)
• Understanding of OWASP top ten web application security risks
• Practical understanding of SDLC
• Ability to learn on the job and a positive attitude towards learning and development.
• Motivated personality and ability to work in self-organized teams
• Ability to break down complex security issues to non-technical stakeholders.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, plus the ability to think outside the box to anticipate possible threats
• Understanding of Cloud technologies and the associated risks

Deadline of this Job: 25 August 2022
• Perform Business Analysis on IT product development projects in line with the agreed business methodology and business architecture guidelines
• Review and understand system functionality applicable to each project
• Input into identifying ways to fine tune systems in line with changing work practices
• Determine, document, and review user requirements for all projects
• Review requirements, determine objectives and risks and issues and update business requirement specifications for the competency centre functional design
• Review technical specifications to ensure user and functional requirements are met
• Identify business improvement and optimization opportunities
• Design and document business solutions (process, system and measurements) that meet current and future user requirements
• Translate the user requirements into functional system requirements in line with the current system functionality and future roadmap, and ensure appropriate documentation thereof
• Define and construct context diagrams which form part of the basis of process mapping
• Provide information into test pack drafting
• Provide information and knowledge as required to resolve problems
• Sort, accumulate and analyze information from external sources to assist with problem solving
• Assist in identifying and assessing market trends, taking local conditions into consideration
• Provide constant status reports and feedback as to business analysis deliverables to internal customers and program manager
• Ensure traceability of requirements from business through to development and implementation
• Identify and prepare relevant information and data for reporting purposes
• Deliver first time right service excellence
• Establish and maintain quality standards that will enhance the customer experience and cost efficiency
• Work consistently according to standard operating procedures

• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical/Telecom Engineering, or related field
• Knowledge of SCRUM and project management practices
• Relevant certification / accreditation as required for role

• 3 years’ experience in relevant sector/industry/ area of specialization
• Worked in a diverse culture
• Enterprise system implementation experience
• Business process mapping experience
• Understanding Agile/scrum and project management practices
• Business Analysis
• SCRUM/Project management methodologies
• ITIL training
• Relationship management
• Systems analysis

Skills / physical competencies:
• Ability to work on multiple tasks, often with conflicting objectives and competing deadlines.
• Analytical skills
• Business acumen – un understanding of the business as a whole.
• Change management skills.
• Coaching skills – to develop the team and staff.
• Communication skills
• Conflict management skills
• Delegating skills
• Facilitation skills
• Feedback skills
• Flexibility – the ability to adapt and change in the light of changing circumstances / new information.
• Influencing skills
• Negotiation skills
• Quality management skills
• Relationship skills – to build relationships to facilitate efficient workflow.
• Risk management skills
• Scanning skills – to search for new ideas, trends, and principles.
• Strong “can-do attitude” combined with an ability to use minimum resources to get maximum outputs.
• Systems thinking – understanding the “big picture”.
• Time management, specifically the ability to prioritise.

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