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Deadline of this Job: 21 October 2022
About Us
Mighty Coders Uganda started up as mainly a digital agency supporting Startups that would definitely fall on the verge of liquidation.
We are an Upcoming IT agency dealing in Web design, development, graphic designs and so much more services

Qualifications and Experience
• Experience in ReactJS and NodeJs (all in Typescript)
• Good understanding of software architecture
• Experience in implementation of frontend libraries and design systems
• Experience working with Git, Docker and NextJS framework as well as Vercel and/or Netlify
• A strong alignment to our principles Bonus points if
• You are comfortable working remotely and asynchronously
• You have experience working for an open source organization
• You have experience in designing publishing mediums such as online readers, zines, books and online publishing platforms


• You will take care of all technical aspects of all web projects, from development and testing to deployment and maintenance:
• You will be creating websites for different clients from different fields.
• Connecting with the team to manage all projects simultaneously
• You will be improving the architecture and implementation of our current site-generator framework (built on top NextJS) and develop it further
• You will be developing and implementing internal tools, including our branding design portal and assets generator framework and a React library for our design systems
• You will co-write documentation for all the above mentioned products/projects
• You will be responsible for maintaining our open-sourced codebases on GitHub
• Other duties assigned

Required Skills
• Systems design,
• User experience (UX and UI) design Figma usage
• Installing new software, Web service and application development and other IT related skills

Required Education
• Not much education needed for the role. Being able to Perform tasks is mandatory

Deadline of this Job: 30 September 2022
Information Systems/Technology Audits Graduate Trainee
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Openings: 1

• Bachelor’s degree from a RENU member university in Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Science, computer engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Information Systems. (RENU member universities)
• Minimum CGPA of 4.0.
• Graduated between 2021 to 2022.

Deadline of this Job: 30 September 2022
Systems Admin & Software Development Graduate Trainee ( 3 Positions)
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Openings: 3

• Bachelor’s degree from a RENU member university in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems & Technology, and Computer Engineering. (RENU member universities)
• Minimum CGPA of 4.0
• Graduated between 2021 to 2022