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Deadline of this Job: 09 September 2022
QSSU-HFHU-YEBDS- Youth Entrepreneurship and Business Development Specialist (Consultant)
About This Job:

Q-Sourcing Limited trading as Q-Sourcing Servtec is a manpower management solutions firm operating in the East African Region in the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan.
On behalf of our client, Habitat For Humanity Uganda (HFHU), we are looking for a competent, skilled, and experienced Youth Entrepreneurship and Business development Specialist (consultant) to work in Uganda.

Job Purpose
The consulting Specialist, will ensure set up, operationalization and support of Youth Hubs in Uganda towards self-sustenance in line with Market Development principles and with HFHU’s strategic direction, as well as meet funding obligations.

Key roles and responsibilities
• Develop and maintain networks of local housing consultants and associates with skills in housing, private sector development, and monitoring and evaluation, and build partnerships with like-minded organizations with complementary skills and interests.
• Support the team in the design and implementation of a viable revenue model for their current and upcoming youth hub concepts
• Identify key stakeholders in setting up viable and self-sustaining Youth Hubs
• Identify key thematic focus for the existing and upcoming Youth Hubs and link them with appropriate stakeholders for support and scaling up
• Ensure training, upskilling of youth through the youth hubs and linking them to entrepreneurship and/or employment opportunities
• Track and report on key metrics per donor requirements and also linking results to key strategic performance metric set out by HFHU
• Lead the design and operationalisation of viable eco-housing/construction related youth hubs. Work with the team to review all proposals/concept notes developed so far, come up with a comprehensive fundable proposal (that incorporates sustainable business plan, and clear results chain)
• Based on all the reviews, develop and present to HFH ’s wider network a learning brief on Uganda’s youth economic empowerment interventions

Required competencies
• Demonstrated qualifications, interest and practice in entrepreneurship, private sector engagement, functioning of markets and opportunities for inclusive economic growth in the country or region of operations.
• At least a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the highlighted above
• Knowledge of affordable housing and challenges inherent in the country and/or professional experience working in the housing sector is a plus.
• Demonstration of practice and results in entrepreneurship and inclusive economic development
• Clear demonstration of multi-stakeholder engagement
• Demonstration and understating of the Technical Vocation landscape and operation in Uganda
• Understanding of the housing sector is an added advantage
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Fluency in English and a common local language spoken in rural Uganda
• Outstanding written and verbal English communication skills – in particular ability to write clear, succinct and engaging reports
• Facilitation skills, being able to articulate the participation of diverse stakeholders in the skills upskilling sector in a meaningful way.
• Excellent computer and information and communication technology skills
• Ability and aspiration to learn fast, be effective in a team and autonomously, and be challenged.
• Must be willing to travel to project locations around the country of operations and regionally
This consultancy is initially for 6 months
Deadline of this Job: 11 September 2022
Evaluation Consultant
Call for Expressions of Interest
The Inspection and Evaluation Division (IED) of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) is undertaking an outcome evaluation of MINUSCA support for the fight against impunity, the extension of State authority and rule of law in the Central African Republic.
The objective of the evaluation is to determine, as systematically and objectively as possible, the relevance and effectiveness of MINUSCA support to the fight against impunity, the extension of State authority and rule of law in the Central African Republic.
The evaluation will have a two-fold purpose of promoting accountability (in keeping with the OIOS mandate) and enhancing learning (in keeping with its commitment to help entities to learn and improve). Additionally, the evaluation will aim to:
• Highlight the positive contributions of MINUSCA, levels of partnerships, as well as good practices and lessons learned.
• Identify challenges and opportunities in the implementation of MINUSCA support to the fight against impunity and the extension of State authority and rule of law in the Central African Republic.
• Propose recommendations to strengthen MINUSCA support for the fight against impunity and the extension of State authority and rule of law in the Central African Republic and make progress towards the desired end state.
Accordingly, OIOS-IED seeks Expressions of Interest (EoI) from evaluation consultants based in the Central African Republic, to conduct interviews and focus group discussions in person, virtually or over telephone (as applicable), with select groups of stakeholders in the Central African Republic (Government officials and the civil society) and collect relevant primary and secondary data on questions and issues relevant to the evaluation topic.

• The consultant will conduct semi-structured interviews with a purposeful sample of Government of the Central African Republic officials (national, prefectorial and local leadership and functionaries) and civil society including civil society organizations, community/women/youth/religious leaders, and representatives of vulnerable sections of population).
• Conduct where necessary, focus group and/or group interviews to engage with people to better understand their experiences, perceptions and concerns on relevant topics.
• Ensure consistent transcription of interview/focus group data according to the agreed protocols.
• Collect and analyze primary and secondary data relevant to the evaluation.
• Follow up with key informants on documentation they offered to provide and names/contact details of other interviewees they identified.
The duration of this consultancy engagement will entail a total of 30 working days (including possible travel to two or three forward locations) spread over a period from 26 September to 29 October 2022. The consultant will carry out the work on ground in the Central African Republic in close consultation with an Evaluation Officer, and under the supervision of he Chief of Section, OIOS-IED.

Deliverables and Timeline
The Consultant will:
• Produce an analytical report in English summarizing the key findings that emerged from the interviews conducted and the data collected.
• Provide a complete list of persons interviewed and interview/ discussion notes for each session, and the datasheets with trends and patterns.
Be available for discussion for any clarification on and revisions of the submitted outputs

• Degree in peace and conflict studies/political science/social sciences/economics/or any related field.
• Minimum of 5 years of experience in qualitative research, preferably in peacekeeping/ peacebuilding contexts.
• Excellent analytical, synthesis and report writing skills in English.
• Knowledge of the United Nations and especially the Peace and Security pillar is highly desirable.
• Knowledge of the political and socio-economic context of the Central African Republic is desirable.
• Proficiency in English and French is required. Knowledge of Sangho is desirable.

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