How to Obtain Support for Casual, Seasonal, Temporary Part-Time, or Full-Time Positions at Lafab Solutions

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At Lafab Solutions, receiving assistance and resolving issues related to your workforce is a streamlined process. As an employer, you can easily engage with our support teams to address your needs. Here's a simple guide to accessing the support you require if your account was elevated to employer privilege:

1. Login to Your Account: To initiate support, start by logging in using your preferred method. You can log in through your Google or Social Account, ensuring a convenient and secure access.

2. Access Your Control Panel: Once logged in, you will be directed to your personalized control panel. This dashboard is designed to provide you with intuitive navigation for managing your support interactions.

3. Submit a Ticket: Navigate to the "Tickets" section within your control panel. From here, you can create a new ticket to document the specific issue or request for which you need assistance.

4. Compose Your Ticket: Begin writing your ticket, detailing the nature of the concern you're addressing. It's important to provide clear and concise information to facilitate efficient support.

5. Select Relevant Department: To ensure your ticket is directed to the appropriate team, choose from a range of predefined departments that match the nature of your inquiry. The following departments are available for your selection:
• Billing: Resolve financial matters and address delays with the dedicated billing department, designed to assist finance and accounting teams.
• Manpower Request: Streamline the process of requesting new manpower with the specialized HR department, created to cater to your workforce needs.
• Worker Performance Issues: Promptly address and resolve challenges related to worker performance through this department, which focuses on enhancing productivity.
• Pre-Sales: Obtain insights and information about our solutions before making a commitment, with the pre-sales department dedicated to answering your queries.
• Inquiry: Utilize this department to inquire about any aspect of our workforce solutions, ensuring you receive accurate and relevant information.
• Compliance: Collaborate with the compliance department to navigate and address any compliance-related issues in partnership with your client team.
Lafab Solutions Support Departments

6. Effortless Communication:
Once you've initiated a ticket, you'll find that communication is seamless. All correspondence related to your ticket will be channeled through the email linked to your account. These email interactions will be automatically transformed into ticket entries within your account.

7. Seamless Communication: You're not required to be logged into our system. All your interactions can take place through email, and our system will seamlessly convert them into tickets, ensuring enhanced support. Additionally, if you contact our team through various channels like telephone calls or WhatsApp, they can generate tickets on your behalf. This means you can fully leverage our support services without the need to be actively engaged with our system.

By following these steps, you can effectively engage with our support infrastructure and receive timely assistance for any workforce-related matters. Lafab Solutions is committed to ensuring your experience is hassle-free and your concerns are resolved efficiently.
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