Martin Mubiru CV

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Mubiru Martin

 + (256) 782-163 -148

Innovative Leader equipped with extensive experience in corporate partnership and business management.


03/2016 to Date

Chief Executive Officer


·       Enable employers in Uganda to easily and cheaply advertise their jobs and job seekers to conveniently find and apply for jobs as measured by the top Search Engine position that the web application occupies, by creating a web application called Great Uganda Jobs and running a very customized dedicated server that optimizes server resource usage.

·       Diversified and scaled the Great Uganda Jobs employer and Job Seeker solution to other Countries increasing income by 40% in one year as measured by the increase of subscriber from different Countries to the services, by building custom web application for other 6 Countries.

·       Reduced and organized the company’s workload to increase completeness to become the top among the competition, as measured by always leading the top spot, and this was done by recruiting and continuous training of personnel.

·       Increased the teams’ productivity by 70% regardless of where they work from, as measured by the reduction of workload for member while handling all the necessary tasks, and this was done by automating most of the work through IT cloud solutions, Google Sheets formula automations, recording all work tasks in video formats, and digital workstation tools on the website.

·       Stabilized the server resource usage of all Great Uganda Jobs web applications to serve users without service interruptions, as measured by 100% availability of the website to users, and this was done by first moving them from Shared Servers, to Virtual Private Servers, then to Dedicated severs where I fully customize it to match the resource needs of the web applications.

·       Won recruitment contracts including headhunting service with SolarNow Limited, Health Partners Uganda, Awamo Limited, Platinum Limited, Marie Stopes Uganda and other Organisation increasing the company’s income by 20%, as measured by the number of signed contracts and official order documents. This was done by diversifying and building on a momentous job advertisement service through marketing and technical proposals.

·       Implemented a whole round marketing and sales system to sustain acquisition of clients through continuous prospecting, converting clients, and sustaining relevant messages. This can be measured by marketing channels such as over 100 active WhatsApp groups, over 80,000 email subscribers, over 100,000 Facebook group members, and others. This was achieved by setting up automated digital channels including automated follow up emails, web forms, and structured sharing tools.

·       Developed and Maintain the Great Uganda Jobs website and its sister websites serving the markets of different countries always adapting to the most current web technology and running on the latest server software. This being measured by running Centos 8, SQL server, Nginx Server Optimization, and others. This is done by continuously updating the framework of the website backend and others.

·       Oversee all operations, recruitment, technology, productivity, marketing and sales, product development and strategy of the company.

07/2012 to 03/2016

Corporate Resource Mobilisation Manager


·       Seek, acquire, sustain and manage all partnerships with corporate companies in Uganda.

07/2012 to 03/2016

Partnership and Resource Mobilisation Advisor


·       Seek, Support the Grantees of Danish Epilepsy Association with Organisational Development and Fundraising initiatives.

Earlier Relevant Experience

·       VSO, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia – Fundraising Advisor - 2007.

·       VSO, Lagos – Nigeria – Fundraising Advisor - 2008


·       Productivity tools development

·       Bottom up leadership style    

·       Advanced web technology skills

·       Top notch server administration

·       Advanced project management

·       Building consultant teams

·       Ability to motivate staff and maintain good relations

·       Resilience and high Emotional Intelligence

·       Constant innovation and creativity in all situations.


Masters in Business Administration - 2018

Uganda Management Institute, Kampala

Bachelors in Community Forestry - 2004

Makerere University, Kampala


·       Reading about technology and business – Satisfies my curiosity.


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Utile Solutions

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