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16 Days Best of Uganda Wild Life

Destination: Uganda

The Best tour is a program that takes enough time and a number if activities in the country. The Best of Uganda is a combination of the Eastern Circuit with the Western Circuit. Travellers will have the cultural experience of the; Karamoja region, the photographic safari in Kidepo, murchison falls, queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks; the eco-tourism of primate activities.

In all this is a learning opportunity for those travellers who wish to get deeper knowledge of what Uganda offers in terms of Landsscapes, habitants and culture.

12 Days Northern Rift Valley, Kakamega & Lake Turkana Safari

Destination: Kenya

This is an unusual itinerary to discover a different part of Kenya. The highlights of the tour are; visiting Kakamega Forest which is the only largest intact remaining forest in Kenya; visiting the Kenyan Side of Lake Victoria with opportunities of birding and relaxation; visiting Lake Barengo the most northerly lake of the Rift Valley and home to the Njemps tribes.

The desert Rose lodge is an experience on itself of a remote end pristine region of Lake Turkana.

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12 day Itinerary

11 Days Rwenzori Trekking Uganda

Destination: Uganda


The Rwenzori Mountains are the biggest mountain range in Africa, including six main mountains with peaks exceeding 4.500 m. of altitude: Mt. Stanley, Mt. Speke, Mt. Baker, Mt. Gessi (in the Congolese side), Mt. Emin Pasha. Mt. Luigi di Savoia. They are found along the border between Uganda and Congo for over 120 km and they are UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highest peak is Margherita, 5.109 m. on Mt. Stanley. It is named after the Italian Queen Margherita, who sponsored the first climbing expedition of the Rwenzori in June 1906, led by Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy the Duke of Abruzzi. The name “Rwenzori” in the local language means “mountain of the rain”, for its rainy nature.

The Rwenzori trekking.

We offer the opportunity to experience the Rwenzori Mountains in its vegetation zones and rich biodiversity for both unexperienced trekkers and expert trekkers. We follow the most scenic and organized route currently available, which is the Kilembe Trail, inaugurated in 2009, giving the chance to climb all the main peaks or spending quality time in some of the most beautiful areas of the Rwenzori, thanks to the presence of mountaineering Huts or camps.

In particular, we offer a shorter circuit of 3 days 2 nights covering 24 km of forest cover and some lobelia garden to maximum of 3174 m altitude at Samalia Camp.

Another option is the 5 days 4-night trekking covering 40 km loop to Weiseman Peak (4.620 m). Both these short options can be considered as possible extensions to other programs in Uganda.

The full circuit to Margherita Peak is an 8 days 7 nights trekking, totaling 11 days’ package starting and ending at Entebbe International Airport.

The best period to climb the Rwenzori.

It is clear to all that the climatic seasons are changing characteristics in recent years, however it is still advisable to climb the Rwenzori especially during the dry seasons, between December and March, between June and July, between September and October.

Are you ready for the climbing?

The trekking and climbing of the Rwenzori, though technically not difficult for any trekker or alpinist in the lower stages, however has its great challenges. The trail is long and tiresome as it lasts up to 8 days to make it to the peak. It requires endurance and physical fitness, at least some previous training.

The final ascent to the Margherita Peak presents a glacier area and requires some technical equipment and knowledge like the use of rope and crampons and use of ice axe (with ice sections of 60% steepness due to climatic changes in the glacier). The guides will help you acquire some experience as you climb up especially using crampons, ropes, harnesses, figure 8 and carabiners.

For the full list of the required equipment, please see the technical check list and the detailed technical sheet.

Trekking options:

OPTION 1: Margherita Peak full circuit package 11 days 10 nights

OPTION 2: Rwenzori Extension To Weismanns Peak 5 Days 4 nights

OPTION 3: Rwenzori Extension To Kalamala Camp and Samalia Camp 3 Days 2 nights


After the Option 1 of the full circuit we also propose 2 possible extensions: to Bwindi National Park or to Queen Elizabeth National Park (see details at the end of the document).

10 Days Southern Circuit Tanzania - Secret Lands Tanzania Safari

Destination: Tanzania
The secret lands Safari of Tanzania is the southern circuit of Tanzania National Parks therefore this is a complete different experience of wilderness, vast and remote areas compared to the most visited northern circuit. Starting and ending from Dar-es-salaam, the main focus of the Program is visiting Selous game reserve - which with 50,000SqKms is the largest in Africa and alone covers 5% of the Tanzanian Land, visiting Ruaha national park and Mikumi national park. With a journey of almost 2000Kms, this is really a tour to discover the secret lands of Tanzania.

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10 day Itinerary

10 Days Eastern Circuit of Uganda - Mt.Elgon, Karamoja and Kidepo National Park

Destination: Uganda
The Eastern route of Uganda is a unique, different journey through history, geography, tradition and cultures. Destination Jungle partners with local organisations to guarantee that visitors entering into contact with non-touristic areas like Karamoja, get closer to the people, have a learning in relation to the culture and the people. The tour includes the source of Nile, Sipi falls of Mount Elgon, where the Karamoja plateau starts. You will visit Pian-Upe reserve, Moroto and Mt. Moroto, viewing also ancient rock paintings. Passing the Karimojong villages of the Tepeth, the Matheniko, Jie, the Dodoth you reach the northern end of Uganda, where Kidepo national park is located. Kidepo with 1442 Sq Kms of protected area is considered one of the most remote, intact and real game parks in Africa.

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10 day Itinerary

7 Days North Tanzania - Legend of Wilderness Safari

Destination: Tanzania
This is our best itinerary for the Northern circuit of Tanzania. The program includes visiting the top 4 destinations: the legendary Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater of the seven wonders. In fact, this is really a ""legend of wilderness"" safari, a ""must visit"" of the safari experiences and a life time dream coming true.

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7 day Itinerary

7 Days Mount Elgon Trekking

Destination: Uganda

Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano with the largest surface area in the world (50 km by 80km) and a caldera which covers over 40km at the top of the mountain. The highest peak is Wagagai, 4.321 m. It lies at the border with Kenya in Eastern Uganda and is protected within the Mount Elgon National Park boundaries shared with Kenya. It is home to the Bagisu and the Sabiny people and the area is well known for the high cultivation of good Arabic coffee. While ascending the peaks, you meet four different vegetation zones: the montane forest, the bamboo forest, the heath zone and moorland zone, where you can find some endemic species of plants like giant Lobelia Elgonensis, particular groundsels and everlasting flowers. At the moment there are not huts available in the mountains, but nice designated camping sites.

The trekking

There are several trekking trails around Mount Elgon. The full trekking circuit to the peaks takes 4 to 5 days to complete, following Sipi or Sasa Trails. From Kapkway Exploration Centre (UWA quarter) you can take at least three different one - day hikes, the Chebanet Falls, Mountain Bamboo trail and Ridge view trail. The one day trail to see the four Sipi Falls is a popular activity and it starts from the village of Sipi.

Period for the trekking

The best time to visit Mount Elgon is May and September, November and December. Are you ready for the trekking? This trekking does not require any technical equipment and it is considered an easy activity. Physical fitness and training however is recommended before undertaking the adventure. It is unlikely to experience altitude sickness in Mount Elgon. You will enjoy the peace and the stunning panoramic views from the summit and the caldera. Itinerary: Sipi Trail down Sasa Trail 7 days 6 nights This is the most recommended trail. It is gradual in terms of difficulty and it reaches the best places and view point from the mountain."

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7 day Itinerary
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