16 Days Best of Uganda Wild Life

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16 Days Best of Uganda Wild Life

Destination: Uganda

The Best tour is a program that takes enough time and a number if activities in the country. The Best of Uganda is a combination of the Eastern Circuit with the Western Circuit. Travellers will have the cultural experience of the; Karamoja region, the photographic safari in Kidepo, murchison falls, queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks; the eco-tourism of primate activities.

In all this is a learning opportunity for those travellers who wish to get deeper knowledge of what Uganda offers in terms of Landsscapes, habitants and culture.

Travel by road - 16 day Itinerary 
DAY 1 Entebbe / Kampala

On your arrival at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda you will be welcomed by our representative and transferred for overnight in BB to the hotel at Cassia Lodge / Protea Skyz Hotel.

Overnight at: Cassia Lodge
DAY 2 The Source of the Nile

Full Board. After breakfast, drive eastwards to Jinja, town on the shores of Lake Victoria where you find the source of the Nile, discovered by J. Speke in 1864. Optional recommended: -For lovers of water sports and nature, do not miss the opportunity to go white water rafting along river Nile for Half Day, one of the most exciting and safest in the world. -Afternoon Boat cruise on the Nile, 2 hours cruise. -Mountain bike circuit for 2 hours. Lunch included. Visit the source of the river Nile. Proceed to Mount Elgon at Sipi Falls, for dinner and overnight at Sipi River Lodge (C) or Rafiki Lodge Sipi (E). Note: we advise to book in advance the optional activities above mentioned. Today transfer is about 4 hours along tarmac roads.

Overnight at: Sipi River Lodge
DAY 3 The Sipi Falls trekking - Moroto
Full Board. After an early breakfast, you will trek through the Sipi Falls, characterised by four spectacular falls along river Sipi, flowing down the Mount Elgon. The area is particularly panoramic with view of the Karamoja valley. The activity will take you through the daily life of a typical African village. Lunch and in the afternoon proceed the journey to Moroto the capital town of Karamoja. Dinner and overnight at Kara Tunga Guest House. Note: Today transfer is about 4 hours along murram roads.
Karamoja – Matheniko - Tepeth

Full Board. After breakfast, drive to the communities who inhabit the mountains surrounding Moroto, the Tepeth. These are the original inhabitants of Karamoja, who were raided by other Karimojong tribes and seek refuge on the slopes of the mountains, where are found their traditional manyattas. You will have a direct experience of the daily life in Karamoja and you will bring with you the appreciation gift for the community. Lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon visit the communities of the Matheniko of the plains. These are semi-nomadic people and cattle keepers, also known in the past for their raiding the cattle of the neighboring tribes. Their lifestyle is slowly changing to residential agriculturalists. Visit the typical homestead or “manyatta” to view the style of life. The Matheniko also can perform their traditional dances or “edonja” as they dress on their traditional clothes. If time allows, visit the ancient rock paintings 40 km from Moroto at about 1 hour drive. In the evening back to Moroto and visit the Karamoja Museum and the local market. Dinner and overnight at Kara Tunga Guest House / Moroto Hotel.

Overnight at: Tunga Guest House
Moroto - Kidepo Valley National Park

After breakfast, the trip proceeds northwards to Kidepo Valley National Park. This park is named after the river traversing this region at the border between Sudan and Kenya. This is one of the most unspoilt, pure wild places remaining in Africa. Lunch en route. Dinner and overnight at Adere Lodge Kidepo (C) (supplement for Apoka Safari Lodge) or Kidepo Savannah Lodge (E). Full Board Note: Today transfer is very long through the dirt roads of Karamoja.

Overnight at: Adere Lodge Kidepo
DAY 6 Kidepo Valley National Park

Full Board. After breakfast take a photographic game drives along the trails of the national park and expect to explore the region of the river Narus valley. Kidepo contains one of the most exciting faunas of any Ugandan parks, with over 80 species of mammals several of which restricted only to Kidepo, like cheetah, striped hyena and caracal. The bird list boasts over 465 species. A part from the game drive, on request a visit to the local Karimojong homestead or “manyattas” can be organized. Full board and overnight at Adere Lodge Kidepo (C) (supplement for Apoka Safari Lodge) or Kidepo Savannah Lodge (E).

Overnight at: Adere Lodge Kidepo
DAY 7 Kidepo – Murchison Falls National Park

Full Board. After breakfast, last game drive or activity in Kidepo National Park. Proceed in the direction of Murchison Falls National Park, the biggest national park of Uganda. Lunch en route. Dinner and overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge / Murchison River Lodge (cottage) (C) or Pakuba Lodge / Bwana Tembo Lodge (E). Note: The transfer is about 5 hours along murram roads

Overnight at: Paraa Safari Lodge
DAY 8 Murchison Falls National Park

Full Board. After breakfast, you will embark on an early morning game drive to explore the savannah in the Northern bank of the Nile. Among other animals in the wild, you might find elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes, waterbucks, oribis, bushbucks, spotted hyenas and leopards. Drive back to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, take another fascinating safari by boat along the magnificent river Nile to the base of the Murchison Falls. It is amazing the concentration of wildlife in the bank of the river Nile, including hippos and many crocodiles, plus a variety of bird’s species. The trip will end with the trekking to the “top of the falls”, where the river Nile creates a narrow canyon of thunderous water large only 7 meters and it drops for over 43 meters. Enjoy this magnificent nature and the rainbow from the water. Dinner and overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge / Murchison River Lodge (cottage) (C) or Pakuba Lodge / Bwana Tembo Lodge (E).

Overnight at: Paraa Safari Lodge
DAY 9 Murchison Falls National Park – Bugoma Forest

Full Board. After breakfast, we organize another game drive in the Murchison Falls National Park. After lunch, the journey proceeds through beautiful landscapes of the Rift Valley, to Hoima the capital town of the Bunyoro region up to Bugoma Forest. Dinner and overnight at Bugoma Jungle Lodge. Note: The transfer is about 3 hours along murram roads

Overnight at: Bugoma Jungle Lodge
DAY 10 Bugoma Forest – Kibale National Park

Full Board. After breakfast, we organize a nature walk in Bugoma Forest. This forest with its size of 410 sq km is the habitat of the chimpanzees and Ugandan mangabeys. It is also the site for a conservation effort by Destination Jungle in support of the Association for the Conservation of Bugoma Forest. In the walk you might be able to see the Ugandan mangabeys and other monkeys. Stop over for the lunch and proceed to Kibale National Park in the afternoon, with dinner and overnight Crater Safari Lodge / Primate Lodge (standard cottage) (C) or Isunga Lodge / Chimpanzee Forest Guest House (E). Note: Today transfer is about 5 hours’ drive, through dirt road and the conditions are variable according to the rains.

Overnight at: Crater Safari Lodge
DAY 11 Kibale National Park – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Full Board. After breakfast, today you go for a nature walk in Kibale Forest National Park for experiencing the rain tropical forest, birding and especially as you encounter the chimpanzees in their natural environment. Other primates you might see include black and white colobus, red tailed monkey and velvet monkey. After lunch, the journey through Uganda proceeds to the “pearl” of the national parks, Queen Elizabeth, which lies between Lake George on the East, Lake Edward on the West and the Rwenzori Mountains on the North. Have a game drive in the evening as you enter the park. Dinner and overnight, Mweya Safari Lodge / Makize Valley Lodge (C) or Ihamba Safari Lodge / Enganzi Lodge (E).

Overnight at: Mweya Safari Lodge
DAY 12 Queen Elizabeth National Park

Full Board. After a cup of coffee, go for a game drive experience along the tracks of the national park, in the Northern side towards Lake George and Kasenyi village. You might see lions, elephants, buffaloes, spotted hyenas, waterbucks, Ugandan kobs, perhaps the leopard though is shy and rare to be seen. Lunch. In the afternoon, take the most exciting safari by boat from Mweya peninsula along Kazinga channel, one of the most popular sites in Uganda for its concentration of wildlife, bird’s life and opportunities for good photographs. Moreover, you will see plenty of hippos, buffaloes and elephants while drinking from the channel. In the evening short transfer to the Ishasha sector of the park. Dinner and overnight at Ishasha Jungle Lodge.

Overnight at: Ishasha Jungle Lodge
DAY 13 Ishasha - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Full Board. After breakfast the exploration of the park continues in the Southern sector of Queen Elizabeth, Ishasha. Take a game drive in search for the “tree climbing lions” which are seen during the hot hours of the day, as they lie resting on top of Figs trees. See also herds of buffaloes, elephants, topi antelopes and more. Lunch. Proceed where you find the rain tropical forests which are the natural habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas. You will reach an altitude of up to 2300 m above sea level in Bwindi. The choice of the area of the “gorilla safari” depends on the availability and allocation of the permits for this activity. Arrive in Bwindi National Park for dinner and overnight, Bwindi Engagi Lodge / Gorilla Safari Lodge (C) or Bakiga Lodge / Ichumbi Lodge (E). Note: Today transfer is variable, according to the location of the gorilla permits and road conditions.

Overnight at: Gorilla Safari Lodge
DAY 14 Mountain gorilla safari

Full Board. In the morning you enter the rain tropical forest of Bwindi for the gorilla safari. The activity starts at 8am and you will follow the ranger guides in a group of maximum 8 people as you search for the habituated family of mountain gorillas, which was allocated according to the permits. Bwindi forest in Uganda has a population of about 370 gorillas, which is half the world population according to 2007 gorilla population surveys. It is not predictable the time you will spend to encounter the gorillas. You have one hour for observing the primates and their behaviors, while taking photographs. Ensure you take the packed lunch and water with you in the bag and for this you might need the support of available porters. Dinner and overnight, Bwindi Engagi Lodge / Gorilla Safari Lodge (C) or Bakiga Lodge / Ichumbi Lodge (E).

Overnight at: Bwindi Engagi Lodge
DAY 15 Batwa Trail – Lake Mburo National Park

Full Board. After breakfast, optional, you can enjoy a walk in the nature of Echuya Forest, to encounter the Batwa pigmy’s and to learn about their history, traditions and culture. Lunch. In the afternoon proceed to Lake Mburo National Park, the smallest of Ugandan National Parks. As you enter, go for game drive in search for the beautiful impalas, elands, topi and many antelopes, buffaloes, zebras. Dinner and overnight at Rwakobo Rock Lodge / Mantana Mburo Tented Camp (C) or Arcadia Cottages Mburo / Mpogo Lodge (E).

Overnight at: Rwakobo Rock Lodge
DAY 16 Lake Mburo - Entebbe
Half Board. After the last game drive in the park (or optional nature walk in the park), the journey ends back to Entebbe. Lunch en route. Reserved for departure from Entebbe International airport.

Itinerary Extension Options
Option 1 Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria
Full Board. After breakfast, drive to the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria. The road goes via Masaka crossing to Bugala Island and arrival in the afternoon. Lunch en route. Dinner at Brovad Sands Lodge.
Option 2 Explore Ssese Islands
Full Board. After breakfast and briefing from the guide, the resort will organize for you a half day trip by boat to explore other islands of the archipelago. You will stop over to see birds and forested islands. Ensure you have with you sun cream protection, hat and repellent. Return to Bugala for lunch. Afternoon at leisure, dinner and overnight at Brovad Sands Lodge.
Option 3 On the beach at Bugala Island
Full Board. This day you can relax on the sandy beach and swim on the lake or in the swimming pool of the hotel. However, you can also choose among many optional activities offered by the resort, like sport fishing, guided nature walk to explore other areas of the island where is found Stanley fort and the traditional sites of the Baganda, or you can have a guided bicycle tour. Full board at Brovad Sands Lodge.
Option 4 Entebbe
After breakfast you board the ferry boat back to Entebbe. Reserved to the transfer to the International Airport. BB

The price includes:

1. Water on board
2. Boat excursions
3. Entrance fees, taxes
4. Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale NP
5. Gorilla permits USD 600
6. English speaking Driver/Guide
7. Ground transportation by 4x4 tourist Land Cruiser
8. Full board accommodation
9. Airport transfers

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