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Land Cruiser Hard Top

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  • PRICE: $148 /DAY + DRIVER
  • Hardtop, Pop-up roof, 4X4 Vehicle renowned for their efficiency on African Safaris
The Hardtop land cruiser is a string 4×4 station wagon manufactured by Toyota Motors; Japan’s top car maker. The manual transmission Hardtop land cruiser features an AC, 2 spare tyres, fridge, 6 windows, a pop-up roof and can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably with adequate space for cargo in the rear and adequate leg & head room to give you that comfortable road trip you deserve.

Planning a self drive or driver guided safari in Uganda and require a strong 4×4 for the road trip, why not hire the Hardtop cruiser this season. We have a fleet of well serviced Hardtop land cruisers for hire in Uganda all available for self drive trips, guided park tours , research projects, filmography & photography.

To rent a Hardtop Land cruiser in Uganda today, simply book below:

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