Cosplay & Costume Wigs
Cosplay wigs are made of synthetic fibers, not real hair. They also tend to be thick, brightly colored wigs that can be styled with heat or other hair products so that cosplayers can create different hairstyles. Cosplay wigs also tend to be less durable over the long term since they are not intended for everyday wear.

The type of wig you end up getting for your cosplay will depend on how much styling you want to do, your budget, and the special attributes that you need for your character’s look. There are different types of cosplay wigs, including (latex) skin-top wigs, lace front wigs, and up-do wigs.

Cosplay wigs are not really all that different from synthetic fashion wigs. Instead, think of cosplay wigs as a subtype of synthetic wigs. They are typically available in a wider variety of vibrant and unnatural colors to account for anime hairstyles, and most cosplay wig brands are made with heat-resistant fibers to allow for intense styling.

Like all synthetic wigs, they are made up of strands of plastic fibers that are sewn into wefts and used to construct the wig. The quality of the wig will depend on the quality of the plastic fibers, the number of weft lines that are sewn into the wig, and the overall structure and style of the wig.